Providing WebMail access to IMAP and POP3 accounts, Horde is a comprehensive Internet Messaging Program that offers many of the features available in email clients like Outlook Express. This WebMail client has standard email functionalities along with many extra features that are ideal for someone who needs something more than just basic WebMail. Users can read, send and organize email messages, manage calendars, contacts, tasks and notes.

Horde is able to run on a wide range of platforms which facilitates access to email from any computer with internet access.

Features and Benefits
  • Access to Remote Email Servers: Users can also use an e-mail client like Outlook Express to access their Horde emails and set up access to any remote e-mail servers.

  • Contact Management: The user can import addresses from other address books. Other features include the use of attachments, spell-check, multiple folders, and multiple-language support.

  • E-mail Confirmations: The user has the option of requesting a read receipt through the message composition interface.

  • A Web-based calendar and daily organizer: Horde provides a robust Web-based calendar for individual users, and a smart algorithm to display a whole day of events.

  • Organization Tools: A multi-user task list manager and simple note manager.

  • Virtual Folders: The user can create of virtual folders for saved searches.

  • Some other features include: Message filtering; HTML message composition with WYSIWYG editor; spell-check; encryption and signing of messages; mailbox quota support; flexible, individual alias addresses; support for mailing list headers; graphical emoticons; special character support.

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